Contact Information

Community Crusade for Children, Inc.

36 River Street
New Haven, CT

Phone: 203-789-1162
Fax: 203-789-1222

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

About Us

Fulfilling our mission daily !


Community Crusade for Children, Inc. is a charity based organization.

We collect clothing generously donated from area residents with our donation containers that are located throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions( ten states currently). We turn clothing into dollars  and have been able to distribute $1,819,422.60 to charities and educational institutions to date!

Whether it is clothes, shoes or the many other goods that are routinely donated to our drop boxes-we collect, sort and distribute these items to other charitable organizations  that have an ever growing demand for these basic necessities in our community and abroad. The books,educational aids, along with our clothing and shoes are freely given to the needy on a local and international level. We have given out  $9,487,234.35 in dollar value of donations to date.


Placing Donation Containers:

Local property owners and towns permit us to place donation containers on their premises.They in turn designate where in their community the generated funds should go. Our attractive donation containers are monitored by CCC, Inc. and are serviced by our trucks on an ongoing basis. For more information on container locations or if you are interested in having a container on your premises,contact the CCC, Inc. using our on line contact form.


Container Areas are Kept Clean:

Our trucks are on the road 6 days a week picking up clothing. We pride ourselves in keeping the area around the container clean and tidy. In the event someone has illegally dumped trash around the container,we will promptly remove the unwanted items. We carefully track the poundage and determine a pick up frequency that eliminates overflow of bags around the container.

Sometimes the volume of donations (especially during the spring cleaning season) is especially heavy. If we are called prior to 12 (noon), we can provide same day service to empty the container.

We schedule all shopping centers to be emptied at minimum Friday or Saturday and Monday so they are clean before and after the weekend.

Our drivers carefully inspect containers when they are emptied. Any containers that are not up to par are promptly replaced with a freshly painted one so our best in class appearance is maintained.


How We Generate Funds:

Each container is assigned its own identification number. Donations received from a specific donations container are weighed. The weight and the container identification number are entered into our database. This information is used to determine the dollar value of the donations. The proceeds are then forwarded to the selected charity/organization.