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Global Aid Network
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Global Aid Network®(GAiN®), the relief and development ministry of Cru, exists to demonstrate the love of God in word and deed to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects. 

The ministry accomplishes its mission through funding, facilitating, and carrying out projects in relief of human suffering, hunger, and need both in our home country and worldwide as an extension of the biblical requirement to feed the hungry and meet the needs of the less fortunate.

Global Aid Network’s purpose is to give and provide sustainability to the world's most poor so they have more. MORE food, MORE water, and MORE employment for every man, woman, and child. We do it because these are people, not statistics. We do it so life has MORE hope and MORE dignity. Because we care for the whole person, we do it so that we have MORE opportunities to share God's love. It's because GAiN is not about us, it's all about them.

 Giving for their gain. Giving for their future.Giving for His glory.

Cru is the name of Campus Crusade for Christ International in the United States



In 2012, Community Crusade for Children partnered with Global Aid Network (GAiN) by donating new clothing, shoes, coats, blankets, walkers, wheelchairs, and canes,which benefited people in the countries of Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, and Moldova. These shipments represented more than 12,600 pounds of aid.Global Aid Network thanks Community Crusade for Children for this partnership in meeting physical needs in impoverished regions, which opens the door to share the love of Christ. This report seeks to provide a snapshot of the impact this generous donation has made in the lives of thousands of men, women and children in these countries.



Guatemala is a predominantly poor country that struggles in several areas of health and development. More than half of the population is below the national poverty level and 13% of the population lives in extreme poverty (CIA Factbook). Having endured 36 years of guerilla civil war, which ended in 1996, Guatemala is no stranger to difficulties. In 2012, one natural disaster after another wreaked havoc on the small country in the form of earthquakes, hurricanes, devastating flooding and dangerous mudslides. The needs are great and people struggle to survive. In addition to going to school, some children work in order to help their parents make ends meet. In most cases, there is nothing left to buy new clothes. Still, meeting physical needs is only the beginning. As GAiN’slocal partners distribute much needed clothing, generously donated by Community Crusade for Children, doors are opened to share the gospel, thus, ministering to their spiritual needs as well. Our local message.The following are some of their stories. partner, Carmen de Paz writes, “We delivered…[clothes to] poor people in the capital city where children have heard the gospel… Ten children received Jesus into [their] hearts and then were very happy to receive the dresses, shirts and underwear.” In all, 200 people received clothes


 and 50people heard the gospel



Hosea Dominguez is six years old. His father abandoned him and his mother when he was young. Later, his mother abandoned him, leaving him with a woman who sends him to school and cares for him like a mother. While the woman provides for him as best she can, there is very little money for new clothes. Thanks to the generous donation by Community Crusade for Children, Hosea received new underwear and new clothes. He is so happy to have one set for each day of the week!






Mariela Dominguez is a student in elementary school. She lives in Colonia La Verbena in the capital city, which is a very dangerous place because of the many gang members fighting over territories. Her dad and mom are unemployed and cannot buy clothes. Carmen says, “This donation for this mom was like an answer from God because they have no money. God touched some people[‘s hearts] and now they have new clothes.”


Ana Amarilis Gonzales lives in a settlement called “Promised Land” in Zone 7 of Guatemala City. She is a good student and walks 30minutes to get to school. She is very happy to receive a dress and underwear because she had prayed to God for a new dress. Her parents are poor and cannot buy clothes for her.





Kenya’s Garissa County is inhabited mainly by pastoralists who trek through the country in search of pasture for their livestock. Because of long periods of drought, loss of animals due to starvation is common, as isinter-clan conflict during the scramble for the scarce natural resources. As a result of these factors, many families find themselves displaced and homeless. Today you will find pockets of internally displaced persons in settlements spread throughout the country. Most families survive with just one meal a day. Global Aid Network’s partners went into Benane IDP Camp, home to 3,358 people. The population includes1,452 children below five years of age.gain_img6


Zainab Abdullahi is thirty years old and lives at Benane IDP Camp with her husband and their 6 children. Her 2-yearold daughter received a set of clothes, which brought great joy to the family.


[PHOTO | Suhdi Ali (2 years) standing wearing the clothes she received and her mother Zainab (in red)]





The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has been plagued by political violence for most of its history. 80% of the population lives under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty. Two-thirds of all Haitians depend on small-scale subsistence farming, and remain vulnerable to damage from frequent natural disasters, exacerbated by the country's widespread deforestation.Under such circumstances, people struggle to survive and, in many cases, children are abandoned in orphanages because their families don’t have the means to care for them. Such is the case for a little boy named Jameson. The orphanage that took him in, a Global Aid Network local partnerministry, shares his story:Jameson came to us a few years ago. He appeared at our orphanage in Thomassin in Haiti. One day a woman put him inside our front gate [and]ran down the street before we could try to find out anything. As far as we know, she is his mother. For quite a while, he never spoke. Then he began to speak just to the other little children. Now you can see by his picture that he is coming along well. He is happy. He has friends. He may never know anything about his mother. But he does have a group of ladies helping at our orphanage who are very fond of him and take really good care of him. Also he has an opportunity for areally good future in Christ and to be part of a very worthwhile work in Haiti to help the poor. He is receiving Christian training. Also he will have the chance for special training for children with learning disabilities through our orphanage.He really enjoys the beautiful clothing that Global Aid Network has provided for him, along with his friends at our orphanage.

Thank you,The Church of Bible Understanding

gain_img7 [PHOTO | Jameson is the second boy, wearing his new clothes and blue shoes]

gain_img_n1 gain_img_n2 gain_img_n3





The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked nation in Eastern Europe, located between Romania, to the west,and Ukraine, to the north, east and south. Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe due to political conflict in the region. Transnistria, a self-declared state, is still recognized internationally as being part of Moldova, but depends on outside assistance to maintain what sovereignty it has. In the midst of all this, the people struggle to survive.

Thanks to the generosity of Community Crusade for Children, Transnistrians received much needed aid in the form of new shoes, toys, hygiene packs, coats and wheelchairs. One local volunteer commented, “Giving out shoes and toys was joyous and sad. It was joyous because kids were happy when receiving the shoes and toys and it was sad because the toys and shoes were received from the hands of strangers and not from the hands of their mothers and fathers. We Transnistrians are not surprised by the scenes of deprivation and need. These scenes are quite commonplace in our day-to-day life, but one can hardly control himself when it comes to the most vulnerable – the children. Thank you to all of you who took part in this project.”