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Community Crusade for Children, Inc.

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Place a Bin
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Do you have a property that gets lots of foot traffic or lots of drive by traffic?  We always have new bins looking for homes and we need your help. Call us today to find out about the tax deduction you can take and how you can help your community. This is done by sponsoring one of our bins to collect much needed clothing. We take care of the whole process from start to finish. It is our promise to those that generously donate the space to place a bin, that we in turn will keep the area clean and orderly.


Donation Containers Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I place a bin?

To place a bin please go to our contact page and contact the office nearest you via phone or email. You will see a complete list of all states and contact numbers of the offices within those states. We will then setup an appointment that is convenient for you to come out to your premises and aid in selecting a spot that is appropriate.

How are the donation containers maintained?

Out trucks are on the road 6 days a week picking up clothing. We pride ourselves on keeping the area around the containers clean. In the event someone has illegally dumped trash around the container, we will remove it promptly. Our drivers inspect the containers when they are emptied. Any containers not up to par are replaced with a freshly painted one to maintain a pristine and clean look at the site.

To report a problem with a container please call our corporate office or use our on-line contact form.

How often are containers emptied?

We carefully track the poundage and determine a pick up frequency that eliminates any overflow of bags around the container. Sometimes the volume of donations (especially during spring cleaning season) is especially heavy. If we are called prior to 12 (noon), we can provide same day service to empty the container. We schedule all shopping centers to be emptied at minimum Friday or Saturday and Monday so they are clean before and after the weekend which is when most people visit the containers.

What if I want a container removed?

We have a truck and trailer built for dropping off and picking up containers. Our goal is to have containers removed within 24 hours of being contacted.